GN Infonet offers exclusive security services in protecting your company's Data and Network. We protect your data against internal and external threats.

The services are rendered with an advanced technology by preventing unauthorized access or using the information infra. either by disrupting, modifying or destruction of information access.

These technologies are best adapted for prevention of destruction of Data in Storage as well.

Network and Data Security Services are the best GNI can offer by defending information from unauthorised access, use, modification or disruption irrespective it is either data or Cyber through means of electronic, physical and digital types.

We provide a customized endpoint security services by adapting advanced methods of protecting the Network while accessing the domain via remote devices such as Laptops computers or other wireless and mobile products. In common terminology, most of the devices connecting to the network through remote creates a potential entry point for security threats. Our end point security services will secure each endpoint on the network created by these devices.

Popular OEM Software are promoted by GNI, managed and hosted on server within network providing security on each network points. These software promoted by GNI are carefully chosen to provide Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall and also a Host Intrusion Prevention System ( HIPS ) services.

Our Data security services are not only limited in protecting the data but also in providing structural backing up solutions with storage media. Added to it, we also provide Data Recovery services.