All but, YOUR Business is highly dependent on your IT Network.

Right from Communications, Business Processes, Central ERP Systems, controlling Administration, Logistics, finance and be it all the applications are dependent on this Network.

You Business is highly vulnerable for its dynamic changes in its Process, technologies, Human Resource, Training, supply chain and a lot more.

It is very important to cover up your Business to sustain adaptability in pace.

GNIs Integration highlights

GN Infonet adapts an established and widely practiced industrial Service Delivery Model. Based on this, the Network Integration Services, the model can help your IT Infrastructure’s ability to its core, performing to the level of convenience and reach you business requirements with stability.

Features of our Network Integration Services:

  • Economical solutions with no compromise on technological aspects.
  • Arrange vulnerability test on existing network and enhance its Network features
  • Reduce the complexity in projects execution and ease of communication with the team.
  • Adapt ongoing multifaceted Network features and ensure robustness in performance.
  • Design and Architect the Data Network with due scalability that will suit to dynamic changes in your business process
  • Timeline scheduling and deliveries
  • Adapt Remote Network Management tools reducing time on Service deliveries and Management and reduce operating costs.

GN Infonet’s networking and Integration Services provides:

  • Designing and developing Network Architecture
  • Strategize and adaptability techniques
  • Enhance existing IT Network and improve the performance.
  • Quick and economical deployment services.

GNI executes its deliverables with the art of understanding and analyzing the existing Network and provides solutions on strong data management & security.

The services covers all IT networks those are with Education Campus, SMB Local area Networks (LAN), Corporate & Enterprising Wide Area Networks (WAN), Data Centers, BPO and Call Centers etc.. and all IT enabled companies.

GNI understands the criticality of the business System & its Data and hence offers exclusive data security services through IDS implementation, Data encryption and management. Thus the arrangement deployed will provide access to only the authorized personal to access the data.

GN Infonet professionally handles these services through latest technology and Build networks deploying Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers and Storage, Cloud & Application Integrations and wide range of other networking components, manufactured by popular brands.

Your Key business will be well secured and can witness the speed in fulfillment in optimizing your business operations, through our services.