GN Infonet promotes and sells Wide range of PCI-Express host interfaces and Networking Modules and Line Cards widely used for LAN / WAN Solutions

Apart from Enterprise Networking products, we also offer a versatile range of accessories offering solutions tailored for virtual network deployment and management, supporting a wide range of virtual machine devices. We stock these products used to efficiently optimize the distribution and management of virtual workloads.

Current day technology has developed modular equipment which hosts networking modules and interfaces connecting to advance networking enhancements.

The stocks also consist of Line cards and Supervisor Engines widely used for Switching Chassey and popular routers. These products provide maximum scalability and reduce bottleneck impediments to the bare minimum. Configured for the deployment of virtual machine device queues, these modules are ideally suited for the consolidation of virtual network traffic, and are easily integrated into existing hardware and architecture.

GN Infonet Promotes Networking Modules and Line cards of popular brands such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Juniper Networks and moreā€¦

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