With the support of proven technics and methodologies with organized process, GN Infonet provides services of Onsite Management and Remote Management.

We deliver the service at the Client’s Premises at Site bringing the best of our expertise. We will essentially maintain the customer’s IT Infrastructure at their business environment by handling:

LAN / WAN – Network Design and Integration Services

As an MSP (managed service provider) our experienced team can provide a visualized ideology on Network Deployment at side by providing an architectural presentation, integrating technics and deploying maintenance policies. Covering both wired and wireless Networks, our MSP Programs can help organizations to develop the network design, integrate and upgrade their existing setup and effectively handover the platform to the team at site.

Hardware Management:

Our On-Site Services includes is not limited only to Network design but covers Hardware Management as well. The Program covers the maintenance of Desktop computer systems, Servers, Laptops, Printers & wide range of hardware accessories. Our organized approach & hardware maintaining process can reduce the burden & narrow down the downtime of our customers by handling its respective repairs, updates, replacements, new installations etc.

System Management:

On the System Management front, as an MSP, GN Infonet fulfils the critical IT needs of the customer by conduction onsite System Maintenance and ensure their safety and reliability. We have our policies set in terms of organized processes and procedures used by the company to accomplish their assignment and tasks based on their business objectives.

We see our client’s important business objectives in their financial operations, CRMs, Quality Assurance, Safety Procedures, HR management and more.

We have our process management system for a simplified approach based on PDSA cycle.

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Worksheet is very helpful tool for our documenting and test cases.

Project planning:

Project Planning can be an occasional affair. We can provide the managed services every quarter and offer our expertise that will influence the critical business needs of the customer.

IT Training:

As an MSPs not only we deliver the service and products, but we provide our accessibility through simplified tools that will aid in managing the client’s business operation. We offer our services through the resources on comprehensive training programs onsite and help the customer understand the process and the best of technology deployed for their platform.

GN Infonet is well recognized in the industry through our Services which contributes to build our strong brand value. Our Team consists of highly Skilled IT engineers who can exclusively provide assistance to customer and strengthen business network infrastructure those are directly responsible for a consistency in their revenue and positive growth.

We also provide AMC Services on both Networking Hardware products. GN Infonet will offer the security on Networking and Hardware products such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers, Computers, Laptops, etc.

Under the AM Contracts we offer services for repair and maintenance of these devices. The duration of this contract can vary from 1 year to 3 year as per mutual consent.

We offer AMCs on both comprehensive maintenance contracts for IT Support and generalized Service support at best of the prices in the industry.

Our On-Site support services include:

  • Server Setup and maintenance
  • Domain Set up and Active Directory services
  • Thin Client implementation Services.
  • Computer System and Laptop Integration and LAN / WAN Set Services
  • Wired and Wireless Printer set up and Installation
  • Network Installation and related services.
  • Data Security and supporting services and more.