Advanced ERP - Made simple, Engineered for Life...

With an advent of revolutionary cloud based solutions, Enterprise and SMB businesses have witnessed their business achievements within short time. Innovative consolidations, through a spectrum of applications, right from administration, management, logistics, inventories, supply chain, quality assurance and more … those available throughout the platform have helped millions of business to reach the desired goals.

On the same context, ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software is widely used right from its conceptual inception managing number of business functions driving the business goals with its unique features.

With a conglomerate of specialized services from industry’s leading companies, GN Infonet offers a solid edge solution on software products, exclusively on RAPTECH-ERP, that can help business to lead, achieve and grow to the desired level.

Our presence is in India, MENA and Europe, lead by a group of entrepreneurs with global exposure on revenue and spend management solutions.

Based on SaaS cloud solutions, the RAPTECH software services enables business to maximise their revenue and minimise their expenditure by aligning the buying, selling and back-office processes to project their business forecast and objectives with international standards. The product is a structured cluster of solutions managing End-to-End business operations with 360 degree reporting, insight and analysis.

“RAPTech is the one stop business management and analytics platform for managing end-to-end business operations and getting real time decision making insights.”

Key Benefits